3º grado

Bienvenidos! Welcome to the 2010-11 third grade page! Here you will find what’s happening in our third grade Spanish Language classroom at IST. We look forward to sharing student work, special announcements, links to valuable language resources, and much more. We hope to receive many visitors who will join us in the excitement of modern intercommunication that can happen on a blog and encourage any comments you may wish to post.
Muchas gracias – Sra. Tamara y los estudiantes del tercer grado

el 2 de febrero

Un repaso básico de conversación en español/A basic review of Spanish conversation:
Por favor, watch this video made by Señor Jordan, a secondary Spanish teacher in Mossouri, USA, for some basic points to follow for beginning Spanish conversation. How many of the expressions do you already know? Make a ‘review’ list for yourself to practice at home.

el 17 de diciembre

Spanish Stories/los CUENTOS de español
En el Grado 3 en la clase de español we have been learning basic vocabulary such as: numbers/números, calendar/calendario, descriptions/descripciones (adjectives/adjetivos), animals/animales. We have also been learning some basic story telling skills – introducing a character, describing a character, setting, and conclusion. Our project, los Cuentos-Stories, allowed us to individually use our new vocabulary in a practical retelling of a story while working on speaking, writing and reading skills. (All projects will be downloaded in the next few days, vimeo limits how many items one can download in a single day and Sra. Tamara hit that limit for today.)

el Cuento de Euan:

el Cuento de Nik:

el Cuento de Talin:

el Cuento de Marcel:

el Cuento de Aryan:

el Cuento de Daniel:

el Cuento de Abby:

el Cuento de Lenno:

el Cuento de Kisito:

el Cuento de Mikaeel:

el Cuento de Elly:

el Cuento de Muskan:

el Cuento de Eirik :

el Cuento de Charl:

el Cuento de Suren:

el Cuento de Keelan:

el Cuento de Ilsa:

We hope you enjoy our CUENTOS/STORIES!!

el 11 de octubre:

Los Adjetivos/Adjectives
Describing one’s self using the sentence structure: Yo soy + adjetivo (I am + adjective). Watch the following videos and practice using adjectives to describe your personality and physical characteristics. Miran los videos siguientes y practican usando los adjetivos para describir tu personalidad y características físicas.

OR …

¿Qué hora es?  What time (hour) is it?

In third grade (tercer grado) we have been learning greetings and some basic vocabulary including: ‘los números’, ‘los colores’, ‘el alfabeto’, ‘el calendario’, ‘en la clase’, and now telling time.  I encourage you to explore the RESOURCES page to explore and practice these basic words with your child!  Gracias,  Sra.  Tamara


30 responses to “3º grado

  1. euan

    Que bueno I love telling time in Spanish it is fantastico. Euan Grado 3

  2. Mikaeel

    Que bueno!!! I loved learning about ?Que hora es? it was a Blast!!! Mikaeel 3-grado

  3. Daniel

    Que experiancia fantastica! I loved doing this unit because I love learning time in Spanish. Daniel Grado3

  4. keelan

    Bien hecho! I really liked telling time and it was fun! Keelan Grado3

  5. abby

    Bien hecho! I really enjoyed learning about telling time. Sra.Tamara is the best teacher in all of the languages. And she works so hard. Abby Grado3

  6. keelan

    Bien hecho! I really liked telling time. Gracias por la leccion! Keelan Grado3

  7. Elly

    Que interesante

    I love telling time ❤ ❤ ❤ Elly, Grado 3

  8. Tamira

    Que interesante
    Que Hora es. i liked telling time in espanol
    tamira grado 3

  9. Que interestante

    I love telling time! por Elly, Grado 3

    Por Elly Grado 3

  10. Tulsi Patel

    I miss learning the greetings
    Tulsi 5 grado

  11. ilsa pardesi

    i love telling time ?que hora es?it was a BLAST!!!!!!QUE BEUNO!!!!!!!!

    Ilsa, Grado 3

  12. Talin

    fantastico muy bueno i love that we are going to write a book because i love to read ‘en serio’
    por talin, Grado 3

  13. DJ COOL M

    it was a really cool video, i loved it so mucho 🙂 i really

    loved it alot hope we can come back to this next time at Spanish class

    from DJ COOL M grado 3

    I love to learn Spanish at school it is sooooo fun when we learn it it is the place that lightens me up

  14. Khadija

    Muy divertido.
    I miss Grado 3 Spanish/espanol.
    Por Khadija Grado 4.

  15. muskan

    i love learning spanish it’s alot of fun

  16. tamira

    exelente super super bien elly talin y muskan those story’s are really good

  17. tamira

    all the story’s are fantastico

  18. lenno

    Fantastico muy bien. I really liked writing the story

  19. muy bien lenno you did great for the viedo. sorry sra tamara Im not on the blog

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