Dillon Valley Elementary

Please notice that one of our links under ‘Amigos de Clase’ is to Dillon Valley Elementary; a dual-lanugage elementary school in Colorado teaching in both Spanish and English. Leslie Davison is a good friend and past colleague of mine who I collaborated with for many different Spanish units at the elementary level back in the 90’s. Her students at DVE are very active story tellers and have many ‘podcuentos’ that my students at IST can use as creative start-ups for their own ‘podcuentos’. We look forward to sharing our work with one another and send a big ‘hola’ to our future nuevos amigos!! Sra. Tamara



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4 responses to “Dillon Valley Elementary

  1. Leslie in Colorado


    We are SO looking forward to connecting with you and your students. We’ll be in touch soon!

    Señorita Davison

  2. Primer grado en DVE

    We look forward to sharing our stories with you. We just finished one. It is called: ‘Rena quería una pelota’.

    Here is a list of our ‘palabras importantes’ in the story:

    quería, vomitó, El Salvador, México, compró, fue, y pelota.

    Do you want us to share it with you?

    Primer grado

    • We will watch your stories this week; Vamos a mirar tus cuentos esta semana; y estamos creando nuestros propios cuentos para compartir con Ustedes tambien! and we are in the midst of creating our own stories to share with you too! Sra. Tamara y las clases del 3º, 4º, y 5º grado!

  3. sean

    Que interesante

    por sean, grado 4

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