Sra. Mock y sus clases …

Also under our ‘Amigos de clase‘ is the famous Sra. Maria Mock who has been a friend and colleague since 2004 when we taught together at Cresthill Middle School. We have collaborated on projects several times between our classes across the globe engaging our students in authentic intercommunicative opportunities. These projects have ranged from year-long ‘amigos de pluma’ (pen pal) exchanges, virtual introductions with libros digitales, and ‘in-person’ classroom presentations. Sra. Mock’s website is filled with helpful Spanish resources and an extensive selection of learning ideas. Check it out! We look forward to future sharing and exchange with one another and send a big ‘hola’ to Maria and her students! Sra. Tamara


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  1. Esta muy lindo tu blog, lo revisare cada vez que pueda.

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