los CUENTOS en forma de video … VIDEO STORIES

For the past couple of weeks the fifth grade Spanish students have been working either individually or in pairs on video-story telling projects.

The objectives of this project for students were:

– to utilize prior Spanish vocabulary and skills to create a basic story
– to incorporate geography and mapping vocabulary
– to include story telling elements – an introduction, small dilemma and resolution, character description, and conclusion and …
– to use proper pronunciation while acting out the story

The criteria: Title and authors, written story-line, recording of story, at least 6 pictures/drawings, list of newly introduced vocabulary, and an ending.

Students worked very hard on these and now have a new appreciation for the hard work and effort that goes into creating a video story. The entire collection of video stories can be seen by clicking here. Look for student comments and feedback at the bottom of the videos.

Enjoy-Desfrutan!! Sra. Tamara

Franco le Gusta Viajar por Shazaib y Thilanka


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4 responses to “los CUENTOS en forma de video … VIDEO STORIES

  1. Candy

    Que interesante! Es un actividad muy buena.
    por Tandi grado 5

  2. Monz

    Que bueno!!! Es un video muy interesante!
    por Monique grado 5

  3. Ollie McAleer 5l

    Muy bien hecho Shazaib y Thilanka, que interesante!!!

    Ollie Grado 5L

  4. Eliane

    Que bueno!!! Es un actividad muy interesante!!!
    Muy bien Shazaib y Thilanka!! muy exelente!

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