This video posted by InterLingo Spanish presents a variety of colors. There are some new exciting colors along with many that you already know. There is a pause after the English color is said so you can guess for yourself before the Spanish appears. Enjoy your vocab practice! Este video puesto por InterLingo Spanish presenta una variedad de colores. Hay unos nuevos y excitantes colores junto a muchos que ya conoces. Hay una pausa después del color dicho en inglés así que puedes adivinar por tu cuenta antes de que aparezca el español. Disfruta tu práctica de vocab!


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2 responses to “los COLORES

  1. Leana

    So, if the website wants to improve..

    The web site was pretty clear when I saw it for the first time.

    I listened just the colors to see what my ears are telling me:
    1. the tone is too low. It is a clear pronunciation of the person, but I can’t hear it, if the room where I am is not totally quiet.

    2. When you hear the pronunciation, you have not an option to repeat it, but the registration is going on. You can just stop, but not repeat.

    The other things seem to be good for “colores”. I will try to learn some Spanish through this web site, and I’ll try to help you to improve.


    • Leana:
      Gracias for your feedback. The activity that you listened to, los COLORES, is one that I’ve linked from another site. I will find out if there is a way to increase the volume on that link ~ this makes me realize that if I’m listening to something and I hear it, I need to make sure others can hear it better. Gracias!! Tamara

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