la CASA ~ the HOUSE por Grado 5

En el Grado 5 we are going to begin a unit on la CASA ~ the House. Our focus will be learning vocabulary, describing a dream home and room, and using directions to navigate around the house and outside into the neighborhood or city. Enjoy the following videos created by Señor Jordan, a high-school Spanish teacher in Mossouri. You can access his entire collection of vocabulary videos in our Videos Para Practicar column under Señor Jordan.

Vocabulario útil (Useful Vocabulary):
la casa = the house
el dormitorio = the bedroom
el comedor = the diningroom
la cocina = the kitchen
el baño = the bathroom
la sala = the livingroom
el lavadero = the washer
el sótano = the basement
el garaje = the garage
el jardín = the garden/patio/deck area
la ventana = the window
la puerta = the door
el piso = the floor
el piso bajo = the ground floor
el primer piso = the first floor
el segundo piso = the second floor

Vocabulario útil (Useful Vocabulary):
vivir = to live
yo vivo = I live
tú vives = you live (informal)
él vive = he lives
ella vive = she lives
Ud. vive = you live (formal)
nosotros/nosotras vivimos = we live
vosotros/vosotras vivís = y’all live (familiar you plural)
ellos/ellas/Uds. viven = they live

con = with
¿Dónde? = Where



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2 responses to “la CASA ~ the HOUSE por Grado 5

  1. Eliane

    I really think this man is a great teacher!!!
    Gracias Senora Tamara por putting him on this site!!
    I really learned alot!!
    Muy exelente!!!!!

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