el 9 de MAYO hasta el 13 de MAYO
Idioms/Slogans/Tongue Twisters~Expresiones idiomaticas/Dichos/Trabalenguas

Our theme during this week is how language can be used to entertain and share messages that have multiple meanings. We request classroom teachers to invite parents to come into classrooms throughout the week to share stories or examples of how language is used to share messages that have multiple meanings or significances.

el Horario/Schedule/Calendario/Calendar:

lunes/Mon. (May 9) – badges w/ native language greeting – sharing idioms/slogans/tongue twisters in classes for posting on boards around school.
martes/Tues. (May 10) – Kiswahili Day featuring Ngoma Dancers
miercoles/Wed. (May 11) – Spanish Day featuring salsa/guacamole sales &
guest presentation in Spanish room
jueves/Thurs. (May 12) – French Day featuring bake sale
viernes/Fri. (May 13) – Assembly

We invite parents to connect with classroom teachers for any presentations they would like to do during this week in their home languages! las Fotos van a estar pronto!!


Sra. Tamara


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