5º grado

Bienvenidos! Welcome to the fifth grade page! Here you will find what’s happening in our fifth grade Spanish Language classroom at IST. We look forward to sharing student work, special announcements, links to valuable language resources, and much more. We hope to receive many visitors who will join us in the excitement of modern intercommunication that can happen on a blog and encourage any comments you may wish to post.
Muchas gracias – Sra. Tamara y los estudiantes del quinto grado

el 28 de marzo

la Práctica del Vocabulario de las PREPOSICIONES y la CASA
La Sra. Tamara has found a new online resource called BRAINEOS for making vocabulary card piles and giving you 4 fun ways to practice. She has created several flashcards categories from which to learn with four different games to play:

FLIP, a matching game.
FLIP reverse, read the answer and find the corresponding question
PAPILIO, a video game that you use a jar to ‘catch’ your correct answers and
MULTIPLE CHOICE, choose the correct answer from several choices
Enjoy practicing and memorizing your vocabulario de español!!

el 7 de febrero
Los estudiantes del Grado 5 just completed their books called UN LIBRO DE LUGARES – a Spanish writing lesson. The objectives of this project were (1) to use the verb ‘ir’ ‘to go’ en español and know how the verb changes when using it with a variety of subjects (the people doing the ‘going’ somewhere) and (2) to learn and practice vocabulary dealing with places around a city and in your house. You can read the assignment here as a google document.
Here is the student’s work:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

el 23 de enero
LA FAMILIA – las tarjetas de vocabulario …
You can print up your own vocabulary cards/tarjetas de vocabulario for ‘la familia’ by clicking here on the
Quizlet site for printable flashcards – you can use these for your own matching game OR write the translation on the back of each card. Feel free to LEARN as many new vocabulary words como posible (as possible) – challenge yourself by learning MAS!! Explore the site further and see what else it has to offer =)

También hay esta canción sobre la FAMILIA – escucha y canta con el video!
Also there is this song about FAMILY – listen and sing w/ the video!

el 22 de noviembre

In 5th grade we are beginning a ‘mini-lección’ on the verb IR which means TO GO. This verb is usually followed by the preposition ‘a’, which means ‘to’ because when we are going some place, we are usually going ‘to’ that place! Watch the following video segments to clarify your understanding of how this verb is used and the different forms we use of this verb to go with the various subjects (‘doers’ of the action) in the sentence. We will be creating small LIBROS DE LUGARES to practice the verb ‘ir’ connecting it with a variety of ‘places’.

Y …

el 4 de noviembre hasta el 15 de noviembre

For the past couple of weeks the fifth grade Spanish students have been working either individually or in pairs on video-story telling projects.

The objectives of this project for students were:

– to utilize prior Spanish vocabulary and skills to create a basic story
– to incorporate geography and mapping vocabulary
– to include story telling elements – an introduction, small dilemma and resolution, character description, and conclusion and …
– to use proper pronunciation while acting out the story

The criteria: Title and authors, written story-line, recording of story, at least 6 pictures/drawings, list of newly introduced vocabulary, and an ending.

Students worked very hard on these and now have a new appreciation for the hard work and effort that goes into creating a video story. The entire collection of video stories can be seen here. Look for student comments and feedback at the bottom of the videos. Enjoy-Desfrutan!!

por Shazaib y Thilanka:

por Antonia:

por Laura y Ollie:

por Burhannidin y Veer

por Isla y Tandi:

por Daniel y Tyler

por Christian y Shilen

por Monique

por Jesse y Raza

el 11 de octubre:

Los estudiantes del quinto grado (5th grade) have been practicing reading strategies in class these past couple of weeks.  Today we read a section out of our JUNTOS book called ¡Madrid me Mata! (Madrid kills me!) that presented several activities people from España do in Madrid.  Eating is a big actividad! We learned about Chocolate con Churros and la Tortilla Española – which is NOT similar to the Mexican tortilla we know to be like a chapati we eat here in Tanzania. No… Sra. Tamara made us our own Tortilla Española which is actually a Potato, Onion Omelet cooked in Olive Oil (one of Spain’s largest exports),  and is eaten in cafés and restaurants all around Spain.  It is also one of the most commonly eaten tapas – a small portion of food – accompanying a drink.                                                                                                                                                                                     We thought it was muy deliciosa and look forward to continue learning more about Spain soon!
el 5 de octubre:
Hola estudiantes en el quinto grado. Miran este sitio de McDougal Littell, del libro estudiantil En Español que tiene mucha información sobre ESPAÑA y la CULTURA ESPAÑOLA – http://www.classzone.com/books/en_espanol_1/page_build.cfm?content=more_u5&u=5

Características culturales interesantes:
Don Quixote y el autor, Cervantes
Joan Miró – artist
el Monumento de Cristóbal Colón
La Sagrada Familia – a famous church
Las Ramblas – Barcelonian street/area
las aceitunas = olives
la paella = rice dish
la tortilla española = Spanish omelet
las tapas = small portions of food

el primero de octubre:
Hola! Estos buenísimos videos son del mayo pasado hicieron por nuestros estudiantes del quinto grado (antes del cuarto grado). Su trabajo fue a crear un diálogo actuando una visita a la oficina del doctor y explicando un dolor o problema y recibiendo un tipo de medicina o solución a ayudarlo. Al ver todos los videos filmados siguen abajo.

These great videos are from last May made by our Fifth grade students (then fourth graders). Their task was to create a dialogue acting out a visit to the doctor’s office and explaining an ache or problem and receiving some type of medicine or solution to help it. To see all the videos continue below.


43 responses to “5º grado

  1. Robyn Sundet 5K

    The tortilla espanola was really tasty. Me gusta mucho!!! Robyn Grado5

  2. Tulsi Patel

    Me gusta la tortilla espanol mucho gracias senora Tamara

    Tulsi Patel 🙂

  3. Robyn Sundet 5K

    The tortilla was muy deliciosa!!!

  4. Leah

    Me gusta mucho la tortilla espanola!!! por Leah, Grado 5

  5. Ollie

    The unit was Muy Interesante!!! Y Muy artistico hehe. It is just a pain it has to be over !!!

    Gracias Ollie 5l

  6. Leah y Robyn:
    Estoy feliz que les gusta la tortilla espanola! 🙂

  7. Megan

    Tia, loved the videos they are so cool!!!!!!besos!!!!!

  8. Karen Naiman

    The playlets are really interesting. I learnt French at school so I had to concentrate really hard to understand the Spanish. I was totally impressed by your authentic accents, the props and storyline in each clip. It was great to see how my class of 2010 are doing in Spanish. Well done! Extremely well done and bravo to your teacher for getting you there!

  9. shahzaib

    Muy buenos videos

    Shahzaib, Grado 5

  10. shahzaib

    los Videos are good/buenos

  11. shahzaib

    El video de daniel and tyler is good/bueno and funny/comico

    Shahzaib, Grado 5

  12. Robyn Sundet 5K

    Daniel y tyler are very good at pronounsing words

  13. Leah

    Antonia me la gusta your film. Leah, Grado 5K

  14. MoNiQuE

    Muy bein, Shahzaib y Thilanka!!! Buena idea!! Por Monique Grado 5

  15. Tandi

    Me gusta el video de Ollie y Laura. Es muy interesante y creativo. Que maravilloso!!!

    Tandi, Grado 5

  16. Daniel

    i think that Antonia had great pronunciation and fluency. i also like how she didn’t stop every two seconds after a word.

    Daniel, Grado 5

  17. Christian

    muy bien thilanka y shahzaib. buena pronunciacion.

    por Christian, Grado 5

  18. Leah

    Isla y Tandi loved your film

  19. Ollie

    Well done Daniel y Tyler you worked very hard hehe It was worth it!!! It was very good.

    Por Ollie, Grado 5

  20. shahzaib

    great videos! Shahzaib, Grado 5

  21. Robyn Sundet 5K

    Antonia me gusta la magda le gusta viajar el la selva

  22. shahzaib

    Me gusta la tortilla, muy nice/bueno

  23. Daniel

    Me gusta/i like how Christian and Shilen made their voices sound like the characters.

    Daniel, Grado 5

  24. Christian

    El video de Tyler and Daniel was muy bueno everything was excelente.
    por christian, Grado 5

  25. thilanka

    i think that they did really well and they expressed their art of espanol. Tambien/also i liked how daniel y tyler made funny noises that amused me alot.
    Thilanka, Grado 5

  26. Burhanuddin

    Buena Pronunciación Shahzaib, por Burhanuddin, Grado 5

  27. Burhanuddin

    well done Shilen and Christian. Tu video was really funny. I like/Me gusta the part when Javier got scared by the piranhas.
    por Burhanuddin, Grado 5

  28. veer

    I have learn’t a lot from the videos i watched they are excelente

  29. Isla

    !gracias por el blog de espanol! es muy bueno y interesante
    Thank you also for all the hard work you put into it every day
    and sorry for me turning in my home work late
    por isla

  30. Eliane

    La tortilla was muy deleciosa!!! gracias!
    Sorry for turning in my home work late I was sick for the past couple of days.

  31. Eliane

    Sorry this came late!
    The ir a video taught me alot like
    Ir a (to go)
    yo voy Tu vas El, ella, ud Va
    Nosotros, Nosortras vamos ellos, ellas,uds van
    I love the way he explained how to get every thing more easily.
    (P.S. Love his T-shirt!!!)

  32. jonascrazy

    me gusta mucho the unit of ir a ( to go) and the tortilla espanola. Muy delicioso!!!

  33. Burhanuddin

    La familia song es muy comica

    Burhanuddin grado 5

  34. Burhanuddin

    The ‘Una cancion de ESQUELETOS’ sounds a lot like the chumba laka chumba laka chumbamba esqueletos song.

    Burhanuddin grado 5

  35. Hola amigas! Tengo un foto de nuestra clase en Summit High School. Todos sus penpals estan en la foto 🙂

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