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In Grado 4 we have been practicing asking and answering basic questions (some examples of these questions have previously been posted on the blog) in Spanish. What better way to practice our new skills than to actually communicate with other Spanish students around the world! Fortunately, Señora Tamara has a collegial friend in Colorado – Señorita Davison – who also teaches Spanish to Kinder through Grado 5 students at Dillon Valley Elementary. A picture of some of our high-school amigos is here. They are a dual language school and so we expect that their Spanish is going to be FABULOSO! We are excited to announce that they have just received our first ‘Cartas de Amigo de Pluma’ (Pen Pal Letters) and have eagerly read them and are preparing their responses – they even made a post about receiving them on their blog. We anxiously await for ‘el Correo’ to deliver their ‘cartas’. The pictures below are of us with our ‘marionetas’ so our amigos/amigas know who we are. (We created these puppets in Art class and have written ‘dialogos’ and recorded videos in Spanish class.)



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Blog time

Todas las clases de espanol have been taking some class time to learn more about how to use the Blogs de espanol.

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Students have been listening to the resources posted on the site, watching IST student’s video-cuentos, and posting comments that compliment their amigos en clase. Es FANTASTICO to have the opportunity to see what everyone is working on in Spanish and to practice Spanish skills in new ways – usando la TECNOLOGIA. A special GRACIAS goes to Mr. Mikey and Mr. Sam for working with us all.

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Sra. Mock y sus clases …

Also under our ‘Amigos de clase‘ is the famous Sra. Maria Mock who has been a friend and colleague since 2004 when we taught together at Cresthill Middle School. We have collaborated on projects several times between our classes across the globe engaging our students in authentic intercommunicative opportunities. These projects have ranged from year-long ‘amigos de pluma’ (pen pal) exchanges, virtual introductions with libros digitales, and ‘in-person’ classroom presentations. Sra. Mock’s website is filled with helpful Spanish resources and an extensive selection of learning ideas. Check it out! We look forward to future sharing and exchange with one another and send a big ‘hola’ to Maria and her students! Sra. Tamara

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Dillon Valley Elementary

Please notice that one of our links under ‘Amigos de Clase’ is to Dillon Valley Elementary; a dual-lanugage elementary school in Colorado teaching in both Spanish and English. Leslie Davison is a good friend and past colleague of mine who I collaborated with for many different Spanish units at the elementary level back in the 90’s. Her students at DVE are very active story tellers and have many ‘podcuentos’ that my students at IST can use as creative start-ups for their own ‘podcuentos’. We look forward to sharing our work with one another and send a big ‘hola’ to our future nuevos amigos!! Sra. Tamara


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