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los CUENTOS en forma de video … VIDEO STORIES

For the past couple of weeks the fifth grade Spanish students have been working either individually or in pairs on video-story telling projects.

The objectives of this project for students were:

– to utilize prior Spanish vocabulary and skills to create a basic story
– to incorporate geography and mapping vocabulary
– to include story telling elements – an introduction, small dilemma and resolution, character description, and conclusion and …
– to use proper pronunciation while acting out the story

The criteria: Title and authors, written story-line, recording of story, at least 6 pictures/drawings, list of newly introduced vocabulary, and an ending.

Students worked very hard on these and now have a new appreciation for the hard work and effort that goes into creating a video story. The entire collection of video stories can be seen by clicking here. Look for student comments and feedback at the bottom of the videos.

Enjoy-Desfrutan!! Sra. Tamara

Franco le Gusta Viajar por Shazaib y Thilanka



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Dillon Valley Elementary

Please notice that one of our links under ‘Amigos de Clase’ is to Dillon Valley Elementary; a dual-lanugage elementary school in Colorado teaching in both Spanish and English. Leslie Davison is a good friend and past colleague of mine who I collaborated with for many different Spanish units at the elementary level back in the 90’s. Her students at DVE are very active story tellers and have many ‘podcuentos’ that my students at IST can use as creative start-ups for their own ‘podcuentos’. We look forward to sharing our work with one another and send a big ‘hola’ to our future nuevos amigos!! Sra. Tamara


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