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Dialogos de Marioneta ~ Puppet Dialogues GRADO 4

These past few weeks in Grado 4 we integrated our language skills with our artistic talent. We made very creative Marionet Puppets in Art class and decided to bring these wonderful Marionetas to life by writing dialogues and recorded them in Spanish, in Spanish class. Many of the personal interview questions that we’ve learned earlier we integrated into the dialogues along with describing their personalities and physical characteristics/parts of the body, special abilities and/or special powers. Many of the Marionetas were based on the Greek Mythological unit that we studied in our Unit of Inquiry. We hope you enjoy viewing them and por favor, feel free to leave unos comentarios!

el Dialogo de Alice y Nuzhhat:

el Dialogo de Nazri, Tahiya y Sahar:

el Dialogo de Kahdija y Sean:

el Dialogo de Tamara-Jo y Kanengo:

el Dialogo de Sonia y Nishant:

el Dialogo de Xandra y Katy:

el Dialogo de Shemei y Cate:



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la CASA ~ the HOUSE por Grado 5

En el Grado 5 we are going to begin a unit on la CASA ~ the House. Our focus will be learning vocabulary, describing a dream home and room, and using directions to navigate around the house and outside into the neighborhood or city. Enjoy the following videos created by Señor Jordan, a high-school Spanish teacher in Mossouri. You can access his entire collection of vocabulary videos in our Videos Para Practicar column under Señor Jordan.

Vocabulario útil (Useful Vocabulary):
la casa = the house
el dormitorio = the bedroom
el comedor = the diningroom
la cocina = the kitchen
el baño = the bathroom
la sala = the livingroom
el lavadero = the washer
el sótano = the basement
el garaje = the garage
el jardín = the garden/patio/deck area
la ventana = the window
la puerta = the door
el piso = the floor
el piso bajo = the ground floor
el primer piso = the first floor
el segundo piso = the second floor

Vocabulario útil (Useful Vocabulary):
vivir = to live
yo vivo = I live
tú vives = you live (informal)
él vive = he lives
ella vive = she lives
Ud. vive = you live (formal)
nosotros/nosotras vivimos = we live
vosotros/vosotras vivís = y’all live (familiar you plural)
ellos/ellas/Uds. viven = they live

con = with
¿Dónde? = Where


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This video posted by InterLingo Spanish presents a variety of colors. There are some new exciting colors along with many that you already know. There is a pause after the English color is said so you can guess for yourself before the Spanish appears. Enjoy your vocab practice! Este video puesto por InterLingo Spanish presenta una variedad de colores. Hay unos nuevos y excitantes colores junto a muchos que ya conoces. Hay una pausa después del color dicho en inglés así que puedes adivinar por tu cuenta antes de que aparezca el español. Disfruta tu práctica de vocab!


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¿Qué hora es?

For a review lesson on telling time, watch the following video segments:
¿Qué hora es?


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los CUENTOS en forma de video … VIDEO STORIES

For the past couple of weeks the fifth grade Spanish students have been working either individually or in pairs on video-story telling projects.

The objectives of this project for students were:

– to utilize prior Spanish vocabulary and skills to create a basic story
– to incorporate geography and mapping vocabulary
– to include story telling elements – an introduction, small dilemma and resolution, character description, and conclusion and …
– to use proper pronunciation while acting out the story

The criteria: Title and authors, written story-line, recording of story, at least 6 pictures/drawings, list of newly introduced vocabulary, and an ending.

Students worked very hard on these and now have a new appreciation for the hard work and effort that goes into creating a video story. The entire collection of video stories can be seen by clicking here. Look for student comments and feedback at the bottom of the videos.

Enjoy-Desfrutan!! Sra. Tamara

Franco le Gusta Viajar por Shazaib y Thilanka


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This is an example of a story we are presently working on in Spanish in 4th grade. This is an EXEMPLAR, an example for the students to follow when creating their own stories. This project will be written, recorded and created by the students and is one that integrates the skills they just learned with Mr. Mikey in IT class. Coming soon will be stories made by students. Enjoy! Sra. Tamara


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